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TIL, 2018-12-10, Reading Job Search Articles

Lessons From A Silicon Valley Job Search


  • Finding the right level of confidence between over- and under-.
  • Some people and companies are better or worse at interviewing candidates than others.
  • Some companies pay out for the interview.
  • Be quietly confident: there are still not that many Rails apps makers and maintainers.
  • OSS and active StackOverflow and cool blog.
  • Always assume that “experience with any of our technologies is just a plus.”
  • Engineer crunch: There are lots of jobs for engineers but not enough people with skills to do them all.
  • Cover letter will matter only to get you through the door. Do quirky things there.
  • Where to look: HN Who’s hiring, AngelList, LinkedIn,, “Hire me” on the blog.
  • Just make interviews even if you get annihilated.
  • Standard questions:
    • Yourself
    • Next product/team/technical challenge
    • Scaling applications
    • Cool project worked on recently
  • Algorithms, phone screen process, distributed systems
  • Possible questions: Infrastructure for a link-shortener and what happens when you go to Google?
  • Write about the interview.
  • Find out next steps. Actually scheduling and/or doing phone interviews are really tiring.
  • On-site: takes a really long time!

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