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TIL, 2017-03-22, HTTP Status Codes


  • 422: Right content type, right syntax, but unable to process the instructions.
  • 400: Bad syntax. Client should not repeat request.
  • 401: User authentication.
  • 405: Method Not Allowed, not allowed for the resource.
  • Pundit is a bit heavy, just implement your own at first, then use Redis to cache if the roles are complex.
  • before_action, you can do something like this to not have a lot of instance variables in the controller.

    def found_teebox
      @cached_found_teebox ||= Teebox.find_by(id: params[:teebox_id])
  • Postgres set up: createdb
  • Dump logic: pg_restore -d gh_dev < gh1-db-backup.tar.gz --role=daryllxd
  • pip install flask

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