Today I Learned

TIL, 2017-03-23: Welcome to React

  • Grok webpack now hehe.
  • Create react app. then npm start
  • package.json has stuff there that you can tinker, the scripts part contains scripts you can run via npm ACTION (ex: "start": "PORT=3006 react-scripts start").
  • ES6: Constructor, that is where you set React initial state.
  • Gitlab code, testing module inclusion: it { include_module(Mentionable) }
  • Gitlab code, testing caches:

    it 'caches the author' do
      user = create(:user, email: commit.author_email)
      expect(RequestStore).to receive(:active?).twice.and_return(true)
      expect_any_instance_of(Commit).to receive(:find_author_by_any_email).and_call_original
      expect( eq(user)
      key = "commit_author:#{commit.author_email}"
      expect([key]).to eq(user)
      expect( eq(user)
  • React way of thinking, though stuck on two parts: How to do presenter type stuff in a Component, and sharing state across components.
  • Doing an with a conditional inside then Enumerable.compact is like the same as
  • Elixir package manager: hex.

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