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TIL, 2022-03-11, Reading stuff late at night

The continual evolution of Airtable’s codebase: Migrating a million lines of code to TypeScript


  • Node.js, Express, JS, Backbone, Express - aged well.
  • Didn’t age well - Backbone, Underscore, JQuery.
  • Codebase:
    • 2012: First commit
    • 2015: Shared conventions
    • 2016: Browserify, explicit CommonJS imports added
    • 2018: Backbone style class to ES6 style class
    • 2019: Flow to Typescript
    • CommonJS imports replaced with ES6 imports
    • 2021: Replaced createReactClass and mixins with class React components
  • Big bang migration:
    • codemod to perform purely mechanical transformations. Existing codemods for converting Flow to TS.
  • flow type-at-pos to use Flow’s inferred type for every unannotated function parameter.
  • To review those changes, do a combination of:
    • Document the 14 automated transforms and 17 manual transforms and asked engineers to review that transformation.
    • Assigned chunks of up to 10 files to be code reviewed by experts.
    • Code reviewed the diff of compiled JS bundles before and after the change.

Angular 2 — Improve Performance with trackBy

  • Angular can track which things changed by trackBy. This takes the index and current item as arguments and needs to return the unique identifier for this item.
  • This is not just important for performance reasons. Here are two cases where we require this feature for other reasons.
    • I’m rendering a list view where each item (a card) has data that gets updated periodically (through polling).
    • Selenium tests get stale element exceptions because the full component is re-rendered instead of just the changed parts If you have a menu within one of the inner components (card), and it was open, when the component gets re-rendered, the menu will close because that was internal state of the card component that was re-rendered.
  • Question - could we just use trackBy always, then?
    • My 2 cents - cause then it would lead to more “why didn’t this re-draw, then” kind of questions rather than performance issues because of the redraw.

Minor TIL

  • You need to set a pipe as a provider in a module if it is going to be used as a service - Reference

Reading Svelte documentation and trying it out

  • First impressions:
    • Shorthand attributes make sense.
    • Error messages help.
    • Style tags are scoped to the component.
  • Rendering HTML directly: @html.


  import Nested from './Nested.svelte';

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