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TIL, 2022-02-25, Web Components and Nx

A guide to productivity for software engineers


  • When your work is more ambiguous, complex, and more unbounded, you’ll find yourself procrastinating. You’ll feel more overwhelmed.
  • Your days become meetings, specs, researching new tech, writing docs. Less of the work seems “fun”.
  • Productivity is not about doing more, it’s about “what have I accomplished today”?
  • What to do?
    • Choose my focus. What do I enjoy working on?
    • Learning, coding features, making architectural improvements, improving processes, growing influence.
    • Do I enjoy this? Does this help me/my career?
    • Does this help my team and the company?
  • Discomfort very frequently means growth. Once I have my areas of focus, I’ll use them as the filter throughout the month or quarter for any work coming my way.
  • Get things done: Choosing the big rocks for the week and the most important tasks for the day. You want to accomplish big rocks instead of tiny pebbles.
  • Focused (no Slack) vs reactive time.
  • Analyze and iterate.

Web Components in Angular

  • Adding to Angular: schemas: [ CUSTOM_ELEMENTS_SCHEMA ] or in the NgModule.
  • Reference
  • // @ts-nocheck at the top of a File to avoid TS for the entire file.

Web Components Basics and Performance Benefits


  • All major browsers support native Web Components.
  • Benefits:
    • No need framework, better on performance, natively supported by browsers, and share-able.
  • Three specifications:
    • Custom element, HTML template, shadow DOM. ```
- Registering the custom element:

const template = document.createElement(“template”); template.innerHTML = `


customElements.define(“content-card”, class extends HTMLElement { constructor() { super(); this.attachShadow({ mode: “open” }); // @ts-ignore this.shadowRoot.appendChild(template.content.cloneNode(true)); }

connectedCallback() { console.log(this); let imageElement = this.shadowRoot.querySelector(“img”); let textElement = this.shadowRoot.querySelector(“.text”);

if (this.getAttribute('text')) {
  textElement.innerText = this.getAttribute("text");
} else {
  textElement.innerText = "Default";

imageElement.src = this.getAttribute("image");   } }); ```
  • CSS - compartmentalised to just that component. But, that component cannot be styled from outside, either by SCSS or by Tailwind.

But Why?

  • Performance (vs React components).
  • Web components vs React components: CPU spends 7 times more CPU time in JS compared to web component page. React, the additional CPU cost comes from JS bundles.

Why I don’t use web components


  • Progressive enhancement - websites should work without JS wherever possible. Web components don’t.
  • Platform fatigue.
  • Polyfills to support all browsers.
  • Composition - eagerly loaded, not lazily loaded.
  • Props vs attributes confusion.
  • Global namespace.
  • This is a solved problem already!

Random things

  • Array.from is different from Array.fill (Array.fill copies the reference, from is by value.

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