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TIL, 2022-01-18 - NgRx Let

  • Reference - This is just cause there wasn’t NgRx.
  • StoreModule.forRoot should only be called once in the root of your project NgModule. If you want to register a feature, use StoreModule.forFeature. Using forRoot registers the global providers needed for Store.
  • @ngrx/store and @ngrx/effects are what you install, not ngrx.
  • Reference - *ngrxLet directive.
    • Binding is always present. (*ngIf="truthy$")
    • Takes away the multiple usages of the async or ngrxPush pipe
    • Provides a unified/structured way of handling null and undefined
    • Triggers change-detection differently if zone.js is present or not (ChangeDetectorRef.detectChanges or ChangeDetectorRef.markForCheck)
    • Triggers change-detection differently if ViewEngine or Ivy is present.
    • Distinct same values in a row (distinctUntilChanged operator),

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