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TIL, 2022-01-17, `@Input` Inpout

Angular 5.0 change detection strategy VS React’s change detection strategy



  • Change detection is triggered by Zone.js at the end of each call stack in the zone. After callback to every async action, CD is triggered.
  • CD starts from the root component and goes down through the components tree.
  • ChangeDetectionStrategy.onPush to omit components and descendants during tree traversal.
  • React
    • CD is triggered after callbacks of async actions.
    • CD starts from the component where setState was called.
    • Reconcile phase to traverse for checking which values need to be updated in real DOM.

Intercept @Input property change in Angular


  • Typescript accessors via get and set.
  • ngOnChanges.
  • ngOnChanges is more “in-built”.
class MyComponent implements OnChanges {
  @Input() name: string;
  @Input() email: string;

  private username$ = new Subject<string>();

  ngOnChanges({ name, email }: SimpleChanges) { // ngOnChanges syntax
    const username = name.currentValue || email.currentValue;
  • Reference - ngOnChanges gets you all the changes at once if your component has several @Input().
  • Reference

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