Today I Learned

TIL, 2021-11-25, Dangerfile


Theoretically, what can it do?

  • Check PR title IF not WIP status.
    • Must have Jira ticket
  • If got SVG in PR, check if did SVG optimisation
  • If got PNG or JPG in PR, check if did Squoosh optimisation
  • If package.json is modified, add a “can pls test other browsers”?
  • Check if console.log is in the PR
  • Check if there is a change in translations.json in a non-translations PR
  • Can choose to ignore everything if there is a do not run dangerfile label.
  • Add [SKIP-RELEASE] if a PR does not even need to be listed in the Weekly Release.
import { danger, message, warn } from 'danger';

const { git, github } = danger;

const RD_LABELS = {
    name: 'ci/conflicts',
    color: '#C62828',
    description: 'CI error or merge conflict',
    name: 'dependencies',
    color: '#ED89F4',
    description: 'Pull requests that update a dependency file',

// Check if Ticket starts in the right format

  `Jira ticket: [Ticket number]()`,

// Check if dependencies are being updated, and to have quick sanity test for different browsers.

const MODIFIED_FILES = danger.git.modified_files.join('- ');

if (MODIFIED_FILES.includes('package.json')) {
  warn('We changed package.json in this PR. Check other browsers too.');

// If there is no label applied, add WIP label.

if (github.issue.labels.length === 0) {
  message('No label applied. Adding WIP Label.');

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