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TIL, 2021-11-05-some-small-snippets


  • Jest module name mapper?
  • List of files that were changed: git diff --names-only.
  • Don’t include files that were deleted: --diff-filter=d.
  • git whatchanged
  • git show --stat <commit-hash> - shows name and changes number of lines.
  • git diff-tree --no-commit-id --name-only -r commit-hash - plumbing command.
  • Bash stuff
    • Check if bash variable is empty/return if bash variable is unset of the empty string: if [ -z "$var" ];
    • [ -z "$var" ] && echo "Empty"
  • Filter git diff based on file extensions - Reference
    • git diff master --name-only --relative -- "**/*.ts" "**/*.tsx" "**/*.js" "**/*.jsx" "**/*.vue"
prettier_files_changed="$(git diff --diff-filter=d --name-only --cached -- '***.html' '***.ts' '***.scss')"

if [[ ! -z $prettier_files_changed ]]
  echo "🎨 Organising imports, running prettier"
  npx lint-staged

Angular 13 is now Available


  • Potential icon component optimisations - Reference

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