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TIL, 2021-08-24, Change Detection Improvements

How in-depth knowledge of change detection in Angular helped me improve application’s performance


  • Performance Analyzer in Chrome Developer Tools.
  • ChangeDetectionStrategy.onPush means that the components will be checked only if its Input references are changed, also if there is an Event which originates from component or its children.
  • Caching getRowClass.
 ngOnChanges() {
    this.rows.forEach((row) => {
      if (!this._rows[] || this._rows[].version !== row.version) {
        this._rows[] = row;

  private setRowClasses(row) {
    this.rowClasses[] = {
      'active': this.trService.isActive(row),
      'rejected': this.trService.isRejected(row),
      'accepted': this.trService.isAccepted(row)

  public getRowClasses(row: Transaction) {
    return this.rowClasses[];
  • Making sure that a change on one row will not make its sibling do Change Detection - we can disable the change detection for the component once it becomes inactive via this.changeDetectorRef.detach.
  • ngFor - we should not run a Differ on a list with items which never change.

  • To sum up, here is the list of changes I’ve applied:
    • updated change detection strategy to onPush for both parent and child components;
    • cached the most expensive methods for child components so we don’t recalculate the unchanged output every change detection run;
    • disabled change detection for the elements which don’t change anymore;
    • moved all completed elements to another collection so that ngFor internally runs faster.

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