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TIL, 2021-08-20, Some Angular Concepts

NgIf You Want To Learn Angular


  • App Module - declare and bootstrap the app component and import everything that needs to be available app-wide like the Router and the Store.
  • Shared Module - No providers in the Shared module, if the provider is used in a lazy loaded module, then the child injector will create a new instance of the provider instead of using the app-wide singleton that Angular injected into one of the eagerly loaded components which breaks the singleton pattern for services.
  • Core Module - Use providers here so we have singleton services?
  • Lifecycle hooks:
    • ngOnInit - perform initialisation - set up subscriptions, private variables to manage local state. Initialisation logic that relies on inputs being set must be defined in the ngOnInit hook.
    • When reacting to route changes, subscribing to the route change observable in the constructor might be required because the events can be missed if subscribing in the ngOnInit.
    • ngOnDestroy - Usually to unsubscribe from any observables so memory leaks are avoided.
    • ngOnChanges: Will be run before ngOnInit. Can add conditionals so that it only fires when specific inputs are updated.
  • Templates
    • Try to not call functions in the template, as it will be reevaluated every change detection cycle.
    • To fix, move the formatting function to a pure pipe, do the formatting before displaying on the template.
  • Pipes: Pure pipes will only be executed when it detects a pure change to the input value.

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