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TIL, 2021-01-04, Typescript Advanced Types

Advanced Types in Typescript with examples


  • Intersection types - type W = X & Y - will generate a type with all properties. (Then why intersection instead of union?)
  • Union types - type W = X | Y - could be an instance of type X or an instance of type Y.
  • Generic types: Allows the reuse of a given type based on a dynamic and generic type T.
  • Partial: Allows user to construct a new type of given set T which all properties are optional.
  • Required: All the properties of a given set T are required, even when the original interface has optional properties.
  • Pick: Creates a new type from T by choosing properties K of this type. type PenProduct = Pick<Product, 'id' | 'description' | 'price' | 'brand'>;
  • Omit: Build a new type by excluding: type PenProduct = Omit<Product, 'author' | 'website' | 'editor' | 'year'>;.
  • Extract: Picking properties that exists in two distinct types. type BookKeys = Extract<keyof AudioBook, keyof EBook>;
  • Exclude: Creating a new type by excluding properties that exists in two distinct types. type DurationKey = Exclude<keyof AudioBook, keyof EBook>;.
  • Record
interface PersonID<T> {
  id: T;

type PersonTypes = "executive" | "manager" | "employee";

const peopleRecord: Record<PersonTypes, PersonID<string | number>> = {
  executive: { id: "001" },
  manager: { id: "254" },
  employee: { id: "875" },
  • NonNullable: Removes null and undefined.

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