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TIL, 2020-12-08


  • $0 to select currently selected shit.
  • outline-offset exists for both X and Y - must have pseudo-element so it just aligns one way.
  • npm outdated
  • aria-label
  • aria-pressed.

Cutting our webpack build times in half


  • Measuring: honeycomb.
  • Duplicate dependencies: Some bundles have a hard dependency on an older version of React, so there would be 2 copies of react. Make sure that libraries have carets.
  • Webpack DLL plugin: Allows a common dependency to be in a single file. This can reduce page size+ hit cache on React/other dependencies.
  • sourcemap on takes a long time for the codebase to compile. Switching to cheap-eval-source-map to cut down build time from 15 to 7 minutes.
  • Incremental builds - Create a webpack plugin that detects which files have changed and recompile the bundles specific to what has changed.
  • Other improvements
    • Thread loader to multi-thread Babel compiles
    • Prevent node_modules from being processed in Babel
    • Upgrading to Babel 7, Webpack 4.
    • Turn off split chunks in development mode.
    • Turn of Post CSS in dev.

Making Accessible Links: 15 Golden Rules For Developers


  • Don’t use the word “link” in your links.
  • Don’t capitalize links.
  • Avoid ASCII characters. If you must use emoticons, mark them up with ARIA. Even dashes, you can change them. 16-17 years should be “16 to 17 years”.
  • Avoid using link URLs as link text.
  • Keep link text concise - maximum of 100 characters.
  • Restrict the number of text links on a page.
  • Don’t link directly to downloads.
  • Alert the user when opening new windows. “This will open in a new window”.
  • Be aware of pagination and alphabetized links. There should be contextual information before the list of links.
    • Color should not be the only thing being used in pagination or alphabetised links to indicate the current link. This violates 1.4.1 Use of Color.
    • You should also add CSS padding around the link to increase the clickable area.
  • Anchor links - need to say if you’re navigating around in the same page.
  • Underline links, or contrast them with the surrounding background. Underline, bold, italic, increase in font-size.
  • Design with keyboard-only users in mind.
  • No onclick on random elements, have to be links.

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