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  • brew services start mongodb

Macro trends in the tech industry | Nov 2018


  • Quantum tech: MS has the Q# language. But still, the practical uses for QC are for research exercises.
  • The pace of change in the software development ecosystem continues to accelerate.
  • For companies to compete, continuous modernization is required.
  • Containers (Docker and Kubernetes) are important from the get-go.
  • Hold: new ways to be misguided.
    • ESB antipatterns for Kafka.
    • Overambitious API gateways.
    • Data-hungry packages.
  • JS is quiet, things like Go, Rust, Kotlin, and Python are now in.
  • The rise in microservices have made it such that a polyglot approach is much more feasible.
  • Cloud: It’s there. Even bigger companies are moving their workloads to the cloud.
  • Serverless: How to compose an application from Serverless components as well as containers and VMs.
  • Engineering for failure.
  • Continuous intelligence: all practices we’ve developed over the years to build software well continue to be applicable to all the new things.

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