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TIL, 2018-12-12, Debugging

How to improve your ability to debug existing code


How to most effectively debug code?


  • Don’t assume anything.
  • Testing incrementally.
  • Write tests in the form “given”, “when”, “expect”. Write tests, don’t just sprinkle debugs.
  • Divide and conquer: try to identify visible input/output between which the issue exists. Try putting prints at sizable chunks or significant points between them.
  • What are the bugs you tend to write? It might be things like thread deadlocks.
  • Just assume things about semicolons.
  • Learn the nuances of your debugger and learn the hotkeys.
  • Write tests - TDD done right eliminates almost all trivial, stupid bugs, but also helps a lot in debugging. Testing forces your design to be modular, which makes isolating and replicating the problem a lot easier.
  • Learn the debugger. Talk to someone about your problem. Give yourself a time limit.
  • Is there really a bug?
  • If you have narrowed it down to two systems that collaborate, then determine which system is behaving to spec and which one is not.

How I got better at debugging


  • Bugs happen for a logical reason.
  • Being confident on how this bug happens.
  • strace/stack trace. Being able to observe directly what a program is actually doing is incredibly valuable.
  • As I started being able to solve harder bugs, now when I find a thorny debugging problem, it’s way more exciting to me than writing new code.

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