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TIL, 2018-12-06, HTTProxy


  • Reference for reporting vulnerabilities in your packages.

I’m productive because I always want to write flawless code


  • Works of highest quality: produced by the group being graded for quantity, not quality. The “quantity” people were churning out piles of work and learning from their mistakes, and the “quality” group theorized about perfection.
  • Sometimes, quality code results in a deeper knowledge understanding than “quantity code”.
  • Median theory: infinitely theorizing produces nothing, and focusing on nothing but quantity produces nothing but quantity.

What are HTTP and the HTTP Proxy?


  • HTTP is the protocol for sending/displaying files on the Internet. HTTP Proxy is a high performance content filter - it examines Web traffic to identify suspicious content.
  • There is an initial CONNECT handshake between the PROXY and the CLIENT.

Letter on SOA

  • Pager escalation gets harder, because a ticket might bounce through several calls before the real owner is identified.
  • Other teams can become a DDOS attacker.
  • Monitoring and QA - you have to actually call the other service.
  • Universal service registry, which itself is another service.
  • Amazon has transformed culturally into a company that thinks about everything in a services-first fashion.
  • Google is not that good in platforms, because they don’t dog food. Google+. They tried to predict what people want and deliver it for them, and you can’t do that, not really, and not reliably.
  • Platforms are accessibility.
    • MS and is staggeringly huge.
    • Amazon and AWS is huge.
    • Apple.
    • Facebook.

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