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TIL, 2018-09-30

Hire people who aren’t proven


  • You have to go after people that aren’t proven, and you need to be really good at evaluating them with much less data points.
  • Don’t hire like the big companies, they have thousands of candidates and need an objective baseline to judge them.
  • Try to find an answer to:
    • Can this candidate do the job?
    • Will this candidate be motivated?
    • Will this candidate get along with coworkers?
    • What will this candidate be in three, six, and twelve months from now?
  • How do they respond to real-world problems?
  • Look for vectors like smartness, attitude, motivation, dynamic learning, courage.
  • Comments on HN:
    • Being a good programmer/doctor: be passionate about the craft and love the profession.
    • Empathy is not part of CS, but it is important in software engineering. Much of the day-to-day work includes discussing/making decisions, learning about how things work from people with a different set of knowledge, doing things which optimize for the understanding of other people after you,.
    • “Passionate” in programming is shorthand for “cares for quality” and “will improve on their own”.

The Open-Closed Principle, in Review


  • The idea of OCP was that a class’s implementation could only be modified to correct errors; new or changed features would require a different class be created. Reusing: inheritance, or same interface.

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