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TIL, 2018-09-24

Medium and Genius


  • Creativity and psychopathology: related? Actually, there are also a lot of creative geniuses who don’t display no signs of symptoms of mental illness. Also, shouldn’t mental asylums then have a lot of creative masterminds?
  • The most important process underlying strokes of creative genius is the tendency to pay attention to things that normally should be ignored or filtered out. (Cognitive disinhibition)
  • Artistic geniuses often report how the germ for a major creative project came from hearing a tiny piece of casual conversation or seeing a unique but otherwise trivial event during a daily walk.
  • Creative geniuses enjoy the asset of superior general intelligence, which enables the person to separate the wheat from the chaff.
  • Events and circumstance can contribute to a person’s creative potential: multicultural exposure, bilingualism, development adversity (loss of a parent, being poor, being a minority).

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