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TIL, 2018-09-22, Don't Use the Word 'User'

  • [Reference](Never use the word “User” in your code)
    • Airline system “users”: Are different based on the context (traveler, purchaser, travel agent, check-in agents).
    • Unix “users”: Humans who log in, system services, admin accounts who are SSHing into the server, and root.
    • SaaS: Almost always, there is a person who is paying for the service, and one or more people from that organization who actually use the service.
    • If you combine them from the start, then you can’t model teams, payment for multiple people at once, and now you need to change it later.
  • Rails locking:
    • Product.transaction do ... end is the same as Product.find(1).transaction do ... end.

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