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TIL, 2018-05-20, Type Systems in JS and Code Splitting React Apps

Jared Forsyth - Type Systems Will Make You a Better JavaScript Developer - React Conf 2017


  • Type systems: Linter, run-time type checking,
  • PropTypes: Not too much extra code, and free documentation, but only works at Runtime, and only works for React components.
  • Static type check via TypeScript and Flow. Runs ahead of time, not much boilerplate, applies to all functions/variables, free documentation.
  • Reactions to Flow
    • It finds bugs
    • Editor integration
    • Feel much safe making changes as a team
    • Code is self-documenting
    • New syntax
  • Clever code: If you write “clever code”, it’s hard to debug this.
    • Ex: Ternaries.
    • Ex: Different signature based on the number of arguments.
    • If it’s hard for Flow to check, it’s often hard to understand.
  • Implicit invariant: if you find yourself throwing errors, you have to check the invariant.
  • State machines: Example, “loading” but you don’t have the thing yet. In Swift/Flow, you can do a state representation via a Javascript object. Illegal states won’t typecheck.
  • Types First Approach: If you have any complex data types, write down the types before you start coding.

Neehar Venugopal - A Beginner’s Guide to Code Splitting Your React App - React Conf 2017


  • Ex: When you ship, you ship it into bundle.js. Why not have a vendor.js and app.js? Send two files down.
  • Long term caching: hash in the file name, cache in CDN or browser, max-age infinity.
  • How? Now we have built-in modules and built-in async modules.
  • Webpack async is available now?
  • Lazy load component.
  • Patterns
    • HOC
    • Cache resolved modules in the store
    • Cache resolved modules as a static
    • Wrappers lazy load children in parallel
  • Route level splitting
    • Almost always the best place to start
  • Mobile?
    • Always load mobile then replace with desktop. Lazy load the shit.
  • Carousel on mobile = CSS is okay. Carousel on web = needs JS/potentially touch.
  • Server-side rendering: Must be in sync.
  • import() is always async.

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