Today I Learned

TIL, 2018-05-12, Stack Overflow Triage

  • Triaged some questions in SO. Man they are really smart with this stuff. They can let a human do machine-learning things to get reputation scores. THAT IS AWESOME man.
  • Error codes from Rails Exception?: It’s in ActionPack lol.
  • Database View in Ruby on Rails:
    • The problem with a concatenation like PhotoPost.all + TextPost.all is: performance issue and hard to sort/paginate, because you get out of ActiveRecord::Relation.
    • With a polymorphic model, honestly, ugh!
    • Database View, CreatePostView and inherit from AR. Problem is, the view will not get added to schema.rb. You can change the schema_format to SQL.
  • scenic_view gem: “I use it for data roll ups (like a data warehouse) and for times when I need fast access to a weird collection of joins (subselects, etc). It’s great!”

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