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TIL, 2018-05-05, Trust the (Ruby) Processes

Musings, Ruby Processes

  • graphql gem has a max_depth setting to avoid circular stuff, also it has a global timeout thing.
  • GraphQL and performance in Rails:
    • Avoiding n+1: use gem called graphql-batch, and preload with: graphql-preload.

Musings, Reading

  • Moving Fast and Securing Things
    • Security Development Life Cycle.
    • Slack’s goSDL: a tool that enables developers to produce secure features at high output with low friction.
    • Risk assessment questionnaire, which creates check boxes for the team to complete (Jira items).
    • There is a way for you to see the SDL getting completed: sort of a checklist thing.
  • A Data Scientist’s Guide to Happiness
    • Family, getting paid, food, sleeping, games/competition, achievement/education, celebrating/birthdays, mental balance/introspection, spending, weekend trips, reading and music, decisions.
  • Speech Is the Ultimate Invisible Computer Interface
    • Speech Requires Less Mechanical Load And Cognitive Load
    • The mechanical load and cognitive load on the human is far lower when we can utter a phrase like “Alexa, what does my commute look like?” as compared to the 30+ cognitive and mechanical steps using the best smartphone and best apps.
    • Advantages over current systems:
      • Ambient vs intentional (visual activity requires singular focused attention while speech allows us to do something else).
      • Descriptive vs referential (we describe objects in terms of their roles and attributes, and our interactions with computers are referential).
      • Requires more modest physical resources.
    • Amazon could be the next largest payments opportunity in this epoch.
    • Speech-based interfaces allow you to multitask and do other things.

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