Today I Learned

TIL, 2018-04-10, Browsing Systems Design on Youtube.

  • When I can’t connect to the router upstairs, I should just shut down (not restart) the machine.
  • Sharding
  • Connection Pool

  • Systems Design: Design Autocomplete or Type-ahead Suggestions
    • Request flow:
      • Zookeeper ->
      • Trie data structure.
      • Redis as a distributed cache>
    • Data collection flow:
      • Cassandra: Collecting data about phrase, time, and the sum of weights.
      • Then you use some applier or whatever tech to apply which phrase is used and dump it into the request databases.
  • Shortcuts for Iterm:
    • Cmd-Opt-Left or Cmd-Opt-Right to move tabs around.
    • Cmd-Opt-] or Cmd-Opt-[ to move across tabs.
  • Making Tomighty start when the computer starts.

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