Today I Learned

TIL, 2018-03-30, deploying Writing Prompts app.

Musings, Dev env:

function gada {
  git diff --name-only --cached | xargs git add

Musings, React

  • React router tutorial:
    • The router is split between react-router-dom and react-router-native.
    • The router doesn’t care if the URL is correct, it just changes the URL.
  • Deploying via react-github-pages.
  • Issue with CNAME.
  • Chat with Aaron : next.js is a thing?

Musings, Ruby

  • I like this, though if this was Elixir, it would just be a pattern match.
  • A proc { self } to return everything re: Enumerable.
def duration_for(tag_name = nil)
  block = if tag_name
            proc { select { |p| p.contains_tag?(tag_name) } }
            proc { self }


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