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TIL, 2018-03-20, Understanding Deeply. Solved CircleCI on Daryllxd finally.

Musings + So Good They Can’t Ignore You

  • Understand Deeply
    • Most of the world is happy enough to know just enough to be useful, and would never think to venture deeper.
    • The best people know how to peer beyond the curtain. They can explain its in-memory data structures, how it lays out information on disk, or describe the precise mechanics of its replication scheme.
    • Technology: It can be treated like a black box, but when you run into things like overflowing job queues, you need someone that knows what’s happening internally.
    • Aim to be an engineer and not just a user. Start with the manual, and endeavor not just to understand, but to understand deeply.


  • ruby-prof easy to use.
    • Pg::Connection#async_exec is the method that AR is calling when it needs to get things from the database.
    • 15% going to start ActiveRecord when booting up the CLI.
    • What he hell timecop and binding.pry interaction, the tests become super super slow.
  • Looking to implement redis, redis-rb, and redis-namspace again.
  • Bye stronger_parameters, it was nice knowing you but I think I’ll try dry-validation next.
  • Upgraded database_cleaner to 1.6.2.
  • Why did I just discover tig now?
  • I just powered through
  • Finally solved the freaking CircleCI thing. Turns out I was just not installing rspec because of the bundle install --without development lol.
  • Quickly reload ZSH config: ~/.zshrc
  • SQL average will cause an N+1 because it’s better to just execute a raw SQL so the iteration is done in the database. AR does not know that it has to aggregate.
    • There is also a timing thing in Ruby when you aggregate. If high write, then data may be stale.
    • Cool snippet: User.joins(:owned_ratings).select(*User.column_names).select("AVG(ratings.score) as average_rating_score").group(*User.column_names)
  • Formspree!

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