Today I Learned

TIL, 2018-03-11, Vim is now faster!


  • Vim slowness? This thing was actually killing me. Vim didn’t have the usual snappiness.
    • Removed relative number.
    • Syntax highlighting possibly making it slow?
    • No. It was freaking set re=1. Wow. Thank you sir for being a life saver.
    • :syntime on and :syntime report

Programming Elixir

  • $ mix ecto.dump to dump db? You can also change the ecto.migrate task to dump the database as well.
  • Rails way of getting everything out: HabitsTwo.Repo.all(HabitsTwo.Auth.User).
  • iex.ex file in the root of the app so you don’t keep on aliasing shit.
# I can do Repo.all(Habit) to get all the habitz.

alias HabitsTwo.{ Repo, Habit }
alias HabitsTwo.Auth.User

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