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TIL, 2018-03-10


  • Vim plugins:
    • Plugin 'mxw/vim-jsx': Need this
    • :set ft? and :set ft=markdown.
    • I need emmet! I don’t really want to write another closing HTML tag again in my life!
  • key is not a prop.
  • sort() mutates the original array it was called on.
  • this.props → Can’t see the contents of props, you have to this.props.SOMETHING.
  • Declaring variables in ES6.

Full Stack React, Chapter 1

class ProductList extends React.Component {
  // Defining an
  handleProductUp(productId, productName) {
    // There's no such thing as
    // stuff = [productId]
    // You have to do const stuff or var stuff
    var stuff = [productId, productName, 'was voted'];

    console.log(stuff.join(' '));

  render() {
    // Sorting: This actually mutates the array
    const sortedProducts = Seed.products.sort((a, b) => ( b.votes - a.votes ));

    const productComponents =
      (product) => (
        // You need to pass in the 'key' just for React to internally know which Product is which
        // There is also no method called this.props.key inside the Product
          key={'product' + }
          id={ }

    // Remember, put everything before the return
    return (
      <div className='ui unstackable items'>

class Product extends React.Component {
  // JS special constructor method.
  constructor(props) {

    // Remember your best friend, the JS "this"? It's back.
    // For the React lifecycle methods like `render`, `this` is automatically bound to the component that we are using.
    // For created methods like `handleUp`, we have to explicitly set the `this` to be the handler.
    // Why this type of syntax? I have no idea. F JS.
    this.handleUp = this.handleUp.bind(this);

  // Defined own method, that calls the method above it, to update things below?
  handleUp() {
    this.props.onVote(, "pants");

  // You always need a return from the render function.
  // If you want to render nothing, then render null;
  render()  {
    return (
      <div className='item'>
        <div className='image'>
          <img src={ this.props.productImageUrl }/>
        <div className='middle aligned content'>
          <div className='header'>
            <a onClick={this.handleUp}>
              <i className='large caret up icon'/>
          <div className='description'>
            <a>{ this.props.title }</a>
            <p>{ this.props.description }</p>
            <a>{ this.props.votes }</a>
          <div className='extra'>
            <span>Submitted by:</span>
              className='ui avatar image'

  <ProductList />,

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