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TIL, 2018-03-07, Non-MRI Ruby?


  • Should I make a script for doing bundle update <GEM NAME> | ag <GEM NAME>?
  • Fixing CircleCI bugs today. Reference Reference

Non-MRI Ruby for Production Apps?


  • JRuby, Rubinius, and TruffleRuby are all parallel implementations of Ruby, which is something that some people appreciate.
  • JRuby for a real time analytics pipeline. It’s because of proper threading and a good GC.
    • The first use case was a process working with RabbitMQ and MongoDB, which was very tricky in MRI.
  • JRuby is used for places where code performance is a bottleneck. There’s usually a lot of low-hanging fruit to optimize in an app before thinking you need the baggage of a non-MRI Ruby.
  • MRuby to build a GUI for a musical synthesizer. MRuby is much easier to embed than other versions.
  • JRuby in production.

Strong Parameters for Rails API?


  • If you’re not using mass-assignment, it’s still a personal choice. Assume that your users an pass in bad parameters.
  • Strong params is whitelisting in the controller. It works the same as a non-API app.
  • Strong params: you are force to list the attributes which you are allowing to be changed for a particular circumstance.
  • Complex validation requirements: jschema, this is quite flexible and more approachable than strong parameters.

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