Today I Learned

TIL, 2018-03-04, Vim is Slow in Rails.

  • Vim has been unbearably slow in Rails projects. This repo works fine, Elixir repo works fine, but in Rails projects, ugh. I’m not sure if it’s a CtrlP thing or something else.
  • Currently looking at authentication solutions for Rails.
  • There’s a thing called ApiConstraints?
  • Rails routes:
    • namespace: prefixes the URL option, and try to locate under a module names in the same manner as the namespace. Simple.
    • scope: has module, path, and as:
    • module: controller directory location.
    • path: prefix set in the URL, before the resource name.
    • as: name of the path method used to identify the resources.
  • Rails API constraints in the routes file:
    • It’s nice, and I tried it out, I just need to add a fallback controller and tests.
  • Setting up doorkeeper.

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