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TIL, 2018-03-01, Asking out HN what their most productive day was.


  • Getting more into dry-rb, strict_with_defaults.
  • Thinking about Ruby’s set, but I guess later.
  • Reading about ActiveRecord and Sequel, but the thing is, all projects ARE built on ActiveRecord. So it isn’t like the thing I’m doing with dry-rb because a conversion (or even a partial conversion) to Sequel is insanely hard and doesn’t really justify the cost, YET.

Ask HN: What was your most productive day?


  • I’m most productive when I truly love what I’m working on.
  • In order to be useful, there are many “boring” to you, but interesting to others things that have to be done, things like raising money, convincing others they should spend money on it.
  • Working on something you consider important.
  • Begin socially isolated, not going to parties, just concentrating on a semester in university.
  • Working with RMS forced Steele to block out all external stimuli and focus his entire mental energies on the task at hand.
  • 4 hour period where I am fully concentrated with no mail, no meetings. Most of the work is done in those 4 hours. Consistency is key in life!
  • Morning is my productive time, I go to the gym in the afternoon to reflect and plan. Eating healthy seems key, too.
  • Coffee.
  • Chemotherapy + steroids.
  • The time I spent on a bike allowed me to digest information and let my brain relax. By the time I sat down at a computer, I knew exactly what I was going to code or test.
  • Kanban flow: Both work-related and private tasks. Blocked most sites that I identify as time-wasters.
  • Gaining momentum: If I work 2-3 pomos first thing, it’s going to be a productive day overall.
  • Delete Snapchat, Instagram, Messenger from phone.
  • Disable notifications for all messaging apps.
  • No clutter on desk. Use software that distracts less.
  • BLOCK EVERYTHING ON THE WORK MACHINE. No notifications, no messages, no pop-ups.
  • Going to a small town and just mountain biking/working.
  • Reading/podcasts in the morning, homework/class in the afternoon, output at night.
  • Close gym + light timetable. Ketogenic/cardio for half an hour daily.
  • Moving to a good country.
  • When you know you are the least good among very competent engineers, you become a sponge of methods that can help you to work better and faster.
  • Block all social media on the browser.
  • Reading a book no negotiation.
  • Spending three weeks with a teacher learning a physical skill.
  • Interrupting the nagging clatter of my ego and its anxieties and the need for external approval, which came from unstable relationships and social media.
  • 10x developers: they don’t internalize interruptions from others.

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