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TIL, 2018-02-27, Objects on Rails.


  • Capitalization after colons.
    • Do not capitalize if only one sentence follows the colon.
    • Capitalize if more than one sentence follows the colon.
    • Do not capitalize the first word of a list after a colon.

Musings, Rails

  • I think that you should really think of Rails apps as “Can this exist without Rails around it?”. It makes things easier re: how you write your app.
  • Although we are used to Rails’s convention over configuration, there has to be some missing pieces.
  • Reading Objects on Rails.
    • Choosing appropriate domain language for program elements often means we don’t need to rename as many things as we add more features down the road.
    • Structuring objects in trees.
      • Control access based on authorization.
      • Pre-load child objects with a reference back to their parent.
      • Save a reference to the child object in the parent.
    • Stubbing out modules: a way to insert ActiveModel into the tests if it is loaded already, but use the existing one if it is loaded already.
def stub_module(full_name)
  # If you do ActiveModel::Naming,
  # You create a module ActiveModel, then you create a module ActiveModel::Naming
  full_name.to_s.split(/::/).inject(Object) do |context
    rescue NameError
  • On the backlash vs Dependency injection: It’s just a way to pass an object’s collaborators in from the outside.
  • Logic in views is almost always bad news.

  • Structuring apps:
    • Cache layer via Redis.
    • Backing store that is triggered by a job.
    • Orchestrator to figure out how data is going to persist.
    • Presenter to command line application.

Musings, Elixir/Phoenix

  • JWT bug: Right, just a config file!
  • Phoenix slim:
= if ...
else # Yes, no anything...
  h4 You're logged in boys
  • An = else would lead to 100% CPU usage.
  • mix phoenix.gen.model, but mix phx.gen.html.
  • Watched Chris’s Lonestar Elixir talk re: the models directory slowly becoming a dumping ground. I love how deliberate he is re: extracting things.
  • The Phoenix generators are just a way to help people to learn “where to put things”. (As they should!)
  • when byte_size(value) >

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