Today I Learned

TIL, 2018-02-15, Bootstrap 4


  • Just code. You need to ship anyway to show stuff, you can refactor later. FOOWM. Focus on what matters.
  • Remember again: strip, not trim.
  • The struggle is real re: freaking Webpacker.
    • Reference for Bootstrap + Webpacker.
    • So do we just use javascript_pack_tag now?
    • Bootstrap will allow $, but you need to do the environment.plugins.set (which I adding the $ to the global namespace) so it’s usable in application.js.
  • $ yarn remove bulma to remove unused packages with Yarn.
  • Bootswatch, sad life. I think I’ll just get a premium Theme.
  • The Bootstrap guys have their own themes, apparently! Each costs $99, though.
  • I sometimes find it weird/really tedious that I’m still using Reference to convert HTML to Slim, but I haven’t researched any alternatives yet.
  • .sass and .scss are also both Sass, just different syntaxes?
  • On bugs re: Bootstrap. Uh sometimes I just didn’t see that the thing was already applied! Sheesh.

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