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TIL, 2018-02-14, Adding SSL to the Blog


  • SSL on the blog: Reference, Reference, CloudFlare
  • CSR: Certificate Signing Request. Nothing on Github pages + custom domain? Sad. I just used CloudFlare.
  • So CloudFlare is being used as a DNS but no idea how to turn on the SSL for CF.
  • Turns out I just needed to wait for a bit hehe. Also I like CF better than Namecheap’s interface.
  • Upgraded nokogiri gem in TIL. Should I just lock version numbers for all gems? I’ve had bad experiences with this in Node, but IT’S NODE.
  • What’s weird is that when I updated Bundler and did bundle install again, it didn’t update the bundled_with. I needed to actually do something that will change Gemfile.lock for a re-bundle to occur.
  • Read a brilliant article on the Art of Manliness blog re: focusing. I actually practiced it while reading the Smalltalk book.
  • Comparing time Reference
    • You can do be_within.
    • You can compare both first with to_s(:db).
    • Actually, 2.minutes just does 2 * 60.

Smalltalk Best Practice Patterns

  • Did Matz or Ruby/Rails core team read this? I know DHH did. Much of the principles are in Rails.
  • Shortcut Constructor Method: Show how an object can be created.
  • Converter Method: Defining methods on objects to convert them from one class to the other. to_s, to_date.
  • Converter Constructor: Same as Converter, but static class. Date.from_string.
  • Query methods: Predicate method. Better to use on? than status if there are only 2 statuses.
  • Comparing methods: Create a method that accepts another object of the same class as the argument, and code the logic to compare the two. Comparable in Ruby.
  • Reversing Method: Create another class that makes another method look cool.
  • Method Object: If there is a method with a lot of local vars, you can create a new object with those local vars as instance vars, then pass the original object in. Order.price becomes def price

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