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TIL, 2018-02-10, Smalltalk Best Practice Patterns Part 1


  • Uh, history of CSS? Reference
    • Float-based layout: To float images inside a column of text on the left or the right.
    • Flexbox: 2015 adopted.
    • Grid layout.
    • Preprocessor: Sass (needed Ruby), Less.
    • Post-processor: adds the vendor prefixes. PostCSS.
    • OOCSS: Object Oriented CSS, separate structure from skin. Separate container from content.
    • BEM: Block, Element, Modifier. Block = reusable component, element can be reused, modifier = defines the appearance/state/behavior of a block or element. <button class="search-form__button-search-form__button--disabled">Search</button>. A bit verbose.
    • Atomic CSS: Small, single-purpose classes with names based on visual function. <button class="f6 br3 ph3 pv2 white bg-purple hover-bg-light">.
    • CSS in JS: 2014, defining the CSS in the JS components itself (React style). The JS generates the CSS and inserts it into the document with a style tag.
  • Best startup ideas: Reference
    • Something the founders want.
    • They themselves can build.
    • Few others realize this is worth doing.

Smalltalk Best Practice Patterns

  • He presents stuff like the benefit of using patterns. I agree completely. If your code has like the right patterns, then things become easier for everybody.
  • “Composed Method”, the methods inside need to be at the same abstraction level.
  • “Constructor Method”, it’s like you create a function to ensure that the instances created make sense.
  • “Constructor Parameters”, I think we have this in Ruby.

Speed Things up by Learning about Caching in Rails


  • rake dev:cache in Rails 5 to turn it on.
  • Page caching: this saves the whole HTML page to a file in the public directory. On subsequent requests, this file is being sent directly to the user without then need to render the view and layout again.
    • This is in actionpack-page_caching gem.
    • caches_page :index.
    • Expiring caches, you can do expire_page, or use Action Controller Sweeper.
  • Action Caching: hits Rails stack.
    • This is in actionpack-action_caching gem.

Aja Hammerly: Cascadia Ruby 2014- N design patterns you might actually use


  • Template, Strategy, Composite, Decorator, Command.

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