Today I Learned

TIL, 2018-02-07


  • It’s funny how activesupport needs require active_support huhu.
  • active_support/core_ext/date to just get date-related stuff.

99 Bottles

  • Flocking rules for refactoring. Better to do tiny changes (if possible, 1 line) and test rather than doing a lot of changes and then testing (rehacktoring).
  • Think of concepts that make sense. In Bottles, those were “quantity”, “pronoun”, “action”.
  • When you make a new abstraction, apply it everywhere to the code.

Incognito, the Secret Lives of the Brain

  • You practice things so you don’t have to think about it. Your mind actually does automating things already.
  • Reality is not subjective.
  • Bad publicity is better than no publicity because people, when recalling things, sometimes think it’s true even if it’s not. (Illusion of truth).
  • Consciousness is the long-term planner. But when you automatize something, it becomes second nature.
  • Your body has a gut feel because it has other nervous system components. So try to follow your hunches. Like, that’s why you can flip a coin if you are torn between 2 decisions. If you want something before the coin lands, then take it.
  • Your brain literally becomes quieter once you’ve burned down a game in your brain.
  • Babies are not blank slates. They have things like reasoning, physical causality, numbers, etc to make them survive.
  • Our brains are slow at conditional logic but strong at social logic.

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