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TIL, 2018-02-06


  • HN/Rust: Skylight uses an agent embedded in Rails applications. Ruby = high memory, C++ = high risk of crashes.
    • 92% smaller than Ruby agent.

Optimize Rails performance bottleneck with caching and Rack middleware


  • Redis for slow AR queries. For Heroku, you can have Redis to Go.
  • Sidekiq Cron used to update the cache every half an hour.
  • A Redis hit means no database query and also reduces memory usage because you don’t need to instantiate ActiveRecord objects.
  • Rack middleware: You can create your own middleware, so that the app doesn’t pass through Rails.

Limit Rails memory usage, fix R14 and save money on Heroku


  • gem derailed_benchmarks to see which gems consume a lot of memory.
  • jemalloc as an alternative to the official MRI memory allocator.
  • Limiting concurrency and workers. Just 1?
  • Optimize JSON parsing? gem yaji-ruby.

Ruby under a Microscope

  • defs/keywords contains all the keywords in Ruby.
  • redo and retry are used to execute parts of the loop. redo repeats the current iteration, retry repeats the whole loop from the start. Reference
  • undef apparently is a reserved word, but how would you use it?
    • Reference
    • Reference
    • This is used in things like mocking.
    • Rails codebase: Used for testing the behavior of classes with and without modules mixed-in.
    • This can be used for blocking a class explicitly defined in the superclass.
    • For mixins: you can include the whole mixin, but remove the methods it shouldn’t support. Ex: in the graphics library shoes, the button class mixes in clickable, but undef’s the release method because buttons don’t support it.
  • You can sort of include methods dynamically.
    • Form.send(:include, FormExportingMethods) if you really need to.

99 Bottles of OOP

  • Shameless green.
  • Transformation Priority Premise: It makes sense, but it’s like, too robot-like/nuanced?
  • Tests: Sometimes it’s just better to test the hardcoded strings rather than pass through a function.

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