Today I Learned

TIL, 2017-12-18, Webpack, Bulma

  • Github shows potential security vulnerabilities in the dependencies.
  • active_interaction Reference looks nice.
  • You can update multiple gems with bundle update rspec rspec-rails.
  • Just use Devise rather than clearance since you’re used to it already.
  • Example of a frontendlibrary-rails: Reference
  • The web-console I have (2.x) is so old, I should use the 3.x one.
  • Bulma CSS framework (flexbox-based) is just CSS, no JS.
  • rails -t to run tests!
  • rails -T to see commands.
  • webpacker: now you have two servers, rails s and webpack-dev-server, which you can use Foreman so you can do live code reload.
  • javascript_pack_tag and stylesheet_pack_tag.
  • yarn install bulma to easily install new things.
  • config/webpacker.yml contains the things.
  • Bulma has just CSS, no JS. Which is good but also bad if I just want to ship things.
  • Flexbox sticky footer: Reference

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