Today I Learned

TIL, 2017-11-21, sort by file creation times/block shorthand.

  • Dir.glob("*").sort {|a,b| File.ctime(a) <=> File.ctime(b) } to sort by file creation times.
  • But you can use .sort_by(&File.method(:ctime)).
  • I guess you can do the & shorthand for block with the thing there.
  • If you see weird shit (binding.pry becomes nav-tracer) when doing pry, you can gem uninstall pry-nav. Reference
  • Designing a personal site: Reference
    • Traffic sources: family/friends, Google traffic, potential clients/employers/partners, who were referred. Third group = the site plays a big role in helping them make a decision. So the redesign is targeted towards that group.
    • “Who is this person and why should I listen to him?”
    • The standard blog template (posts displayed in reverse chronological order) is only good if the writer updates frequently.
    • You want like a list of the topics that you talk about.
    • So you want to put the best content on my site in front of users.
    • Improve page load time.
    • Display 10 best posts. Then to improve page load you can do minifiers etc.
  • You can do receive.at_least(:once) or at_least(:twice).
  • let g:ctrlp_custom_ignore = '\v[\/](node_modules|target|dist|bower_components)|(\.(swp|ico|git|svn))$' to make ctrlp faster (after you make it ag-based).
  • Bundler, you can do the git to be the https link, not the git link. Just to make it secure.
  • Sidekiq is super simple and is compatible with Resque.
  • Sidekiq: need to specify queues in sidekiq.yml.
  • Sidekiq: rate limiting is done by the Limiter class.
  • Product Hunt: Post 1 minute past minute SF time as the leaderboard refreshes then.

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