Today I Learned

TIL, 2017-09-27

  • have_http_status ok is only for controller specs, not for general HTTP responses.
  • ReferencePrivate toolbox (superclass with many methods as opposed to mixins):
    • Not clear at the point of method definition what a method’s purpose is.
    • Extra private methods that neither it not its subclasses actually use.
    • Superclass interface is extended to its non-public methods.
    • New subclasses may need to share methods that are not available in the superclass.
  • With mixins, the name of the mixin describes the behavior that is added, private methods can be changed, and if a new implementation of a mixin is needed, nothing needs to be changed.
  • Mixins would make things similar to the strategy pattern.
  • Rolify is simple enough.
  • Mechanize doesn’t have JS.

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