Today I Learned

TIL, 2017-09-13

  • isva, isvp, isvn
  • isbt, ishm
  • Rake tasks that are to be invoked once: once or adhoc namespace.
  • F running out of disk space.
  • If you are going to drop a table, delete things in the migration that reference that table.
  • One-time scripts Reference
    • Database migration: If you need to change the structure that is already in the database. It tracks whether the task was run and it carries over changes to other environments.
      • Fixes up data using SQL.
      • Simple data work.
      • Need to easily track whether the job has been run, and not run it again.
    • Permissions.create() is bad in that if the model changes, the migration might break, or the model might not be available when the migration runs.
    • Rake task.
    • Scheduled job: in Sidekiq scheduler, you can run the job far in the future, then go to the web interface and then run enqueue it when you want to. And if you need to run it again, it’s right there in the UI.
      • I might want to run the job again later.
      • Someone who’s not me has to run it.
      • Data cleanup.

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