Today I Learned

TIL, 2017-08-06

  • Thinking more and more about blogging, and I have a few ideas, but how do I get over this laziness?
  • You can save to ActiveRecord even if there are migrations pending.
  • Once again, foreign keys save the day.
  • activerecord-import to make scraping faster.
  • When thinking of using another gem, make sure the gem makes sense.
  • Guard Clauses: A method has conditional behavior that does not make clear what the normal path of execution is. If you put the guard clauses for each error, then the code will show what the happy path is.
  • Used OS X Growl for the first time. Reference
  • Checked the Exist app, okay I sort of want that, and they have a good idea, I just want an app for myself.

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