Today I Learned

TIL, 2017-08-03

  • Rails find_by works if finding by a model but I pass an ID in?
  • Non-breaking space.
  • select * from pg_timezone_names.
  • ALIAS in a WHERE clause, not standard (works in MySQL but not in PostgreSQL?)
  • Timezone 3 or 4 letter codes–these are different from place to place (EST or EDT), use the names (America/New_York). A time zone is more than an offset; a time zone includes the past, present, and future set of rules and anomalies such as DST.
  • Postgres Timestamps–if you want to qualify by date, you need to tell Postgres to treat the date field as a Timestamp first (.where('pomodoros.created_at::timestamp WITH TIME ZONE AT TIME ZONE '#{Pomodoros::Constants::TIMEZONE_BASIS}'").

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