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TIL, 2017-07-11

  • Pragmatism: Implies a character attribute. A person is pragmatic: she is sensible, down-to-earth, non-nonsense, with a tendency to correct people for being flighty or inefficient.
  • Practical: About actions more than people. People do practical things: simple, necessary, functional, logical things. Reference
  • Reviewing the Kant Categorical Imperative: “There is a paradox in Kant: Each person makes free, autonomous choices, unfettered by outside authority, and yet each person is compelled by the demands of rationality to accept Kant’s ethical principle, the Categorical Imperative. This principle is based on the idea that what is ethical for an individual must be generalizable to everyone.”
  • Kierkegaard: The choice between the ethical and the aesthetic is not the choice between good and evil, it is the choice whether or not to choose in terms of good and evil.
  • “The life of a true hacker is episodic, rather than planned. A hack can be anything from a practical joke to a brilliant new computer program. But whatever it is, a good hack must be aesthetically perfect. If it’s a joke, it must be a complete one. If you decide to turn someone’s dorm room upside-down, it’s not enough to epoxy the furniture to the ceiling. You must also epoxy the pieces of paper to the desk.”
  • For example, when Richard Stallman says that information should be given out freely, his opinion is not based on a notion of property as theft, which (right or wrong) would be an ethical position. His argument is that keeping information secret is inefficient; it leads to unaesthetic duplication of effort.
  • You can keep on chaining AR associations if you really wanted to, just use the :source.
  • Calling distinct turns an AR Relation Proxy to Array.
  • db-query-matchers: No SELECT query matcher?
  • AR::Merge often works until it doesn’t.
  • eager_load creates tempo tables of the eagerly loaded table.
  • then do a puts inside to do database dumps of a single table.
  • Bitcoin Script: Reads like machine code.
  • Turing machine: A machine that can solve a computation problem via tape with 1s and 0s on it with a scanner above it. Knows when the program starts, what it does, and when it ends.
  • rake time:zones:all to see all of the time zones.
  • To set the time zone for a specific transaction or something, just do

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