Today I Learned

TIL, 2017-07-10

  • ActiveRecord::EachValidator, how to write it.
  • Apparently there is an options field there?
  • Confirming: Rails find method: find, if many, return all, if unable to find all, raise ActiveRecord::RecordNotFound.
  • Select. From in Rails.
  • Namespacing: If the namespace verb already exists in the current namespace, that’s when you do the :: before.
  • paranoia or acts_as_paranoid for soft delete: this would work only if you need the parent when calling from the orphan.
  • Rails.root.
  • Twilio has a lookup API.
  • AR is peppered with RangeError–raised when a numerical value is out of range.
  • Daemonize Redis: redis-server &.
  • Redis sentinel: High availability for Redis. Using Sentinel, you can create a Redis deployment that resists without human intervention to certain kinds of failures.
    • Distributed system: Acts as authority for clients service: clients connect to Sentinels in order to ask for the current Redis master responsible for a given service.

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