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TIL, 2017-07-06, Uniqueness Index

  • Ruby: I’m not that really excited about the safe navigation operator (&.), but it does make sense when you’re iterating over an update hash. Or just safe merge before the edit operation?
  • described_class.connection.index_exists?(:match_participants, [:match_id, :participant_id], unique: true) to check if an index exists.
  • Factory girl sequence to get around unique index.
  • Mass update at the same time, with different attributes per row–there’s no easy way to do this in Rails without resorting to 1 query per row, or else you have to do it by SQL.
  • Postgres DEFERRABLE uniqueness constraints only work on SQL.
  • Viewing database constraints in PostgreSQL: pg_catalog, pg_constraint or pg_catalog, pg_indexes.
  • RSpec: Recheck expect and allow: expect also sort of does the allow thing already, so.
  • make_database_queries(matching: /UPDATE/, count: 2) is a thing.
  • Ruby 2.4.0–10-15% more extra speed in Rails than 2.3.x. Reference

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