Today I Learned

TIL, 2017-07-05, I want to execute pomo list from wherever

  • _call_function:22: _git-add: function definition file not found: Just restart that shell session.
  • ln creates a symbolic link.
  • $: and $LOAD_PATH: Shorthand to the load path array, an array that Ruby uses to look up external files when asked to require one.
  • $LOAD_PATH is only for require, not for
  • ln -s $PWD/bin/p /usr/local/bin # Creates a symlink from the bin PATH to the p found in the bin directory of the current directory
  • File.readlink, File.symlink?.
  • File::SEPARATOR.
  • Use delete instead of gsub.
  • cdpath for zsh.
  • To use rack-mini-profiler for APIs: hit the endpoint, then hit any random page after. It will show you the amount of time it takes to create that page.
  • rack-mini-profiler logs: tmp/miniprofiler.

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