Today I Learned

TIL, 2017-06-25

  • Programming physical environment: So there are three main positions:
    • On a desk
    • On a couch
    • Sort of lying down on the bed
  • Have to optimize my room/environment so that I can do all three.
  • source_location to figure out where something was called.
  • RSpec bisect: rspec --seed YOUR_SEED --bisect: Ensures the order is the same, and runs the tests again and again, to figure out what the smallest reproducible command is.
  • Freaking Namecheap was not really that hard apparently? I was just being too impatient with waiting for the changes to propagate. To solve the thing, just do this:

Namecheap settings for Pages/Namecheap integration Github settings for Pages/Namecheap integration

  • find .* | ag "Cool" -> look for files with this directory
  • You can set up CircleCI for Jekyll (now we have CircleCI for this blog).
  • Thin through: automating sleeping this machine.

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