Today I Learned

TIL, 2017-06-24

  • Indicator of fake smiles: no upper cheeks engaged. So think of something happy when you are taking a selfie.
  • Smirks: Disdain, negativity.
  • Angle of the camera: If from the higher angle, they will think you’re younger.
  • When you feel in the moment, like really happy because something happened, that’s when you should take your selfie.
  • Open multiple files in vim: vim -O2 file1.rb file2.rb.
  • Shopify deployment coordination: shipit
  • The day we hired a blind coder — judge by skills and exp, not disability: For pure coding tasks not involving anything visual, the screen reader can read it as per normal. For more visual tasks where most of the details ofa screen and its interactions are in image mockups, the screen reader won’t be able to read it. A visually-impaired coder can zoom in on the image and make out what is there, but you need text to describe features and interactions of the screen.
  • dig command.
  • Github pages + Namecheap = a big source of frustration :(.
  • Emoji for the zsh!
  • date command.

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