Today I Learned

TIL, 2017-06-15

  • pkill Chrome to kill Chrome immediately.
  • You can’t kill a tab individually though, since the process represents a renderer that the main browser uses to execute and draw a page, which it then copies to the screen. The “aw, Snap!” is what the browser displays when the renderer responsible crashes or gets killed. Reference
  • find From man pages: recursively descends the directory tree for each path listed, evaluating an expression in terms of each file in the tree.
  • su: Substitute user identity. Requests appropriate user credentials and switches to that user.
  • sudo su: Run su as sudo which means as root. Reference
  • sudo determines who is an authorized user by consulting the file /private/etc/sudoers.
  • When OS X means /var/log, it literally means cd /var/log.

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