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TIL, 2017-05-23

  • Ajax collapsing json data. Go figure.
  • Puma, then Passenger, then Unicorn.
  • SuckerPunch doesn’t need anything else (Redis, db) so you can use it for logging stuff.
  • Delayed::Job uses a database table to store the jobs.
  • Sidekiq is faster than Delayed::Job.
  • 2017 Rails Stack: Ruby 2.3, Rails 5 (or Rails 4.2 + Ruby 2.3), Postgres, Redis/Memcache/ElasticSearch over MongoDB/Solr, Sidekiq over Delayed::Job/Resque, Puma over Unicorn/Passenger. Reference
  • top command: Displays processor activity of your Linux box and also displays tasks managed by the Kernel.
  • cron-apt: Automating apt via cron which gets updates.
  • sudo su.
  • Staging: Snapshots.
  • ssh [email protected] -i path/to/pemfile.pem.
  • usermod.
  • libpg-dev: Only needed by postgres
  • rake secret

  • secret_key_base: Used to verify the integrity of signed cookies for the app.
  • cut: You can do this like gem list | cut -d ' ' -f1 which means from the gem list, you split via delimiter ` `, then get the first element of the array.

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